Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a minimum age limit to have a QHHT® Session with Elizabeth?

Yes, clients must be a minimum of 18yrs old.

Q2. How much does a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session cost?


Weekday Sessions (Monday & Tuesday) are $420 

Saturday Sessions are $550


How many sessions do I need?
Most people only need 1 session, however, some clients prefer to come back for more sessions to explore more of their soul experiences. There is no set rule. Everyone is welcome to come as many times as they like. Sometimes, people's circumstances change and they want to book in again as they have more questions or sometimes people who are interested in exploring the metaphysical world in more detail come back to explore more. Return clients receive a discount on their sessions.

Q4. What does it feel like to have a QHHT® session? Will I be asleep?

Hypnosis is not putting you to sleep. Hypnosis a state of focused concentration and heightened awareness, allowing you to focus inwards. QHHT® is very natural to everybody. Hypnosis is a brain wave state, it works with your body as we are constantly hypnotised most of the day and we don't even realise. I'll explain this more in your session. For most people, they don't feel any different from if they were to just close their eyes and talk to me, apart from the fact that their body will feel VERY relaxed. Most people are aware of everything. In saying that, everyone does experience a session and going into Theta differently though, with different senses heightened more than others. After your session you may think you remember everything that was said in your session but most likely you won't, some details fade like a memory from a dream. This is the reason why the session is recorded, so you can listen to your full session and get continued healing and benefit from it afterwards. QHHT® sessions are very safe and once you experience one you will truly have a different perspective of how you view your life journey so far and what you want to do moving forward. So far every one of my clients has finished their session telling me they feel really calm, much more at peace and have had their questions answered. 

Q5. What if I can't be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a natural state. All people can be hypnotised and everyone actually goes through various states of hypnosis everyday. As a practitioner I will be guiding you to the deepest state of hypnosis. If you are ready and willing to have a session then please come along with an open mind and willingness to relax and be open to the experience; only then will it work. It is your choice. You have free will to allow this method to be experienced. Hynpnosis is very safe and cannot be forced upon anyone without them wanting to experience it. Trust in yourself. You can do it!

Q6. Why does a QHHT® session go for so long?

Your session will start at 9am and can take anywhere from 5-6 hours. Approx 1.5 - 2 hours is under hypnosis and the rest of the time we are talking about the session and your life journey and what you would like to get from the session as well as your questions and answers from the session.

It is very important not to rush the process, there is deep quantum level healing happening!

The session is split into 3 sections: 

  1. Elizabeth getting to know you and your life journey so far, reasons why you have come for a session, your questions that you would like answered and if there is any particular healing you are after. 

  2. Under hypnosis 

  3. Post talk - discussion and review of your hypnosis session, questions and answers.

Q7. Are there any tips to having a great QHHT® session?

You will have an amazing QHHT® session if you follow the 3 tips below.

Tip #1: When I ask you a question trust and say the very first thing that comes to mind. Don't second guess yourself

and don't doubt what is coming through.

Tip #2: When I ask you "What do you see"? in your session try to see it in as much detail as you can.

Tip #3: Talk and talk a lot in your session. The more you talk the more clearly you will see and your experience will be heightened and you will have a wonderful session.

Q8. Do I need to bring anything to a QHHT® session?

Your list of Questions on a piece of paper and your own snacks to help you get grounded after your session. 

Q9. Will I be able to drive after my session?

You will most definitely be back to normal waking state after your session and it is safe to drive. If you are travelling from a far to have a session with Elizabeth it is advised to make your own discernment on whether or not you need to book local accommodation after your session and drive back home the following day. However, some client's feel the need to rest and others choose to drive 2 hours plus back home. 

Q10. How do I book a QHHT® session with Elizabeth?

Email Elizabeth at or fill in the enquiry form on the contact page and let Elizabeth know you would like to book a QHHT session. Elizabeth will ask you to fill in an intake form which asks some important questions about yourself. Most people are suitable for a QHHT session. It is important you are upfront with Elizabeth about answering the intake information correctly. Elizabeth will then email you the first 3 available dates and you can choose your session date. Payment for sessions are made at the time of booking via electronic funds transfer. 

Q11. What happens after I book a QHHT® session with Elizabeth?

After payment is received Elizabeth will email you confirmation details including the address in Swansea Heads and a 2 page PDF document with preparation notes and tips to ensure you have the most wonderful QHHT® session possible!

Q12. What happens after I have my QHHT® session with Elizabeth?

Before leaving if you would like your session recording transferred straight onto your phone Elizabeth will do her best to do this for you. Most of the time it is possible. Elizabeth will always email you your Quantum Healing Hypnosis recording of your session on the day of your session so you can save it however you like. She will also email you some extra tips and tools on how to best move forward after having completed a QHHT® session.