Elizabeth explains what Hypnosis is

Elizabeth explains how natural and safe hypnosis is. In a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session Elizabeth helps clients to access the Theta brainwave state - this is the deepest level of hypnosis possible. 

What Elizabeth's Clients say about their QHHT Session 

Some of Elizabeth's client's have kindly given a small reflection straight after their QHHT session to give you an idea of how they felt during or after their session.

Dolores Cannon: 

What is it like to go into a Past Life and what is the Subconscious/Higher Self

Dolores Cannon describes the unique experience each client has when being regressed into a past life using her QHHT method of hypnosis. Past life regression is the first step to accessing instant healing and unlimited knowledge that comes with accessing the subconscious. Dolores talks about the tremendous force she accesses for information and healing known as the subconscious that herself and all certified QHHT practitioners work with during their QHHT sessions. Elizabeth facilitates QHHT sessions exactly as Dolores did, as she was trained by Dolores Cannon.

What is a QHHT session like? 

Elizabeth's explains what a QHHT session entails, who comes for a QHHT session and how you feel after a QHHT session.

Elizabeth interviews Bree about her QHHT session

Elizabeth interviews Bree about her thoughts on her QHHT session. Each year for Christmas Elizabeth will gift a QHHT session. This is 2019's gift receipient, Bree. 

Dolores Cannon: 

Expectations in a Quantum Healing

Hypnosis (QHHT) Session

 Are you thinking of having a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session? Please listen first hand to Dolores Cannon, the pioneer of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) talk about expectations in a QHHT session. It is very important to listen to this video before booking a session with Elizabeth. Elizabeth facilitates QHHT sessions exactly as Dolores did, as she was trained by Dolores Cannon. 

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